Devoted Entirely to Women Like You

Women's Specialists of New Mexico is dedicated to the health of all women, from teens and pregnancy to gynecology and beyond.

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Women's Specialists of New Mexico has delivered   babies in Albuquerque since January 1st, 1974.

As a teenager, your health is very important as you and your body experience many changes. We help guide teens through important health decisions, fitness, nutrition and much more.

Pregnancy is an exciting and important time in your life. We are here for you every step of the way from conception and prenatal care to morning sickness and getting prepared for labor.

Gynecology care is important for all women, starting with teens and into their 90’s. We provide ongoing gynecology care and women’s healthcare throughout your life.

A woman’s journey through midlife is a personal and unique experience. Every woman experiences midlife differently and we are here to help you through your personal experience.